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For whom
Foreign companies
Companies interested in access to the Russian market may have very different needs depending on what they plan to do and to achieve.
We are offering to use resources and services provided by individuals or companies who themselves have successfully developed business in Russia for decades.
Russian companies
For Russian customers interested in entering export markets in Europe we can offer the mirror image of our activity in Russia, in particular but not limited to market research and search for potential partners, establishing legal entities.
Who we are
The Management Team of Techbridge, has decades of experience from working in Russia, with Russian governmental and commercial customers, and also possess a developed network from A-Z, to ensure the quickest way to development, and the shortest payback time of your investments.

Contact us with your questions and we will set up a meeting either by phone or Face to Face, to show what we can do for your organization!
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Our services
Market research, matchmaking and facilitation of import-export operations, full supply chain activities including inbound and outbound logistics as well as all imports and customs procedures.
Searching for possible distributors, co-operation partners or end-customers in both industrial, commercial and governmental spheres.
Networking with decision-makers in your target area of business.
Headhunting and interviews with potential local representatives you might need for your startup activities.
Certification of products according to Russian norms and requirements.
Setting up your Russian legal entity, no matter if you look for a representative office or a full Limited Liability Company.
Our experience in the Russian business.
We have long and extensive experience in several important sectors of Russian Business environment.
To mention a few, but not excluding others:
For any questions please contact us in any convenient way:
E-mail: info@techbridge-global.ru
Phone: +7 495 180 68 11
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