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Chemical-free biofouling prevention solution
Biofouling in closed-loop systems can result in serious negative side effects such as increased chemical
consumption, corrosion, increased power requirements of the system, and health and safety implications due
to the growth of Legionella or other potentially harmful organisms.
LG Sonic industrial line
The LG Sonic Industrial Line provides
a costeffective solution to prevent biofouling
with the use of ultrasound technology.
The advantages of our technology
  • Prevent the growth of biofouling
  • Reduce chemical expenses
  • Prevent clogging of filters and pumps
Transducer type
Prevent biofouling in industrial systems
The LG Sonic Industrial Line is an advanced system that emits specific ultrasonic parameters in order to prevent biofouling in industrial systems.
How ultrasound prevents biofouling growth
Specific ultrasonic frequencies, waveforms and amplitudes can be utilised to prevent the formation of biofouling. Biofilm formation starts by bacteria attaching to a surface. The ultrasonic sound waves of LG Sonic create resonance around the solid surfaces within the water, thereby preventing bacteria to
adhere to a surface.
  1. Prevent bacteria from settling on a surface in the primary stages of biofilm formation
  2. Alter the structure of an existing biofilm, eventually breaking it down
  3. Control potential algae attaching to a biofilm
Ultrasonic treatment of LG Sonic can reduce algae growth by 70-90% and prevents the growth of biofouling
Benefits of LG Sonic biofouling prevention
  • Multiple ultrasonic programs for effective biofouling prevention
  • Ultrasonic treatment allows for the reduction of chemical consumption
  • No use of cavitation for a longer product lifetime
  • Not harmful for marine life
  • Adaptable ultrasonic frequencies for effective treatment
  • No side effects on the anti-corrosion layer
  • Longer product lifetime
  • Longer treatment distance

LG Sonic industrial line features
Ultrasonic transmitter for effective biofouling prevention
Weatherproof control box
  • Weatherproof design to protect against outdoor conditions
  • LCD display with control buttons to select 12 different ultrasonic programs
  • It is possible to add multiple ultrasonic transmitters to one control box for the treatment of multiple
    tanks or water surfaces with curves
Remote control monitoring to prevent frequent site visits
  • GSM/GPRS control allows the user to monitor and change the ultrasound program remotely
  • Receive status updates and alerts when power outages occur.
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