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Searching a complete algae control solution?
A combination of high temperatures, stagnant water, and nutrient overload can result in excessive algae growth. This causes a depletion of oxygen in the water and the release of toxins, as well as taste/odor problems.
We have a solution!
The solution is to anchor one or multiple systems that transmit specific ultrasonic parameters depending on the type of algae.
The MPC-Buoy is a floating, solar-powered system that combines real-time water quality monitoring and ultrasonic sound waves to control algae in lakes and reservoirs effectively.
Each MPC-Buoy device can control algae in areas up to 500m/1600ft in diameter
Control algae in large fresh water surfaces
The MPC-Buoy is especially designed to control algae in large water surfaces such as lakes and reservoirs.
Monitor, Predict and Control Algae with the MPC-Buoy
The MPC-Buoy is a floating solar-powered system that combines real-time water quality monitoring and
ultrasonic sound waves to control algae effectively.
The effects of LG Sonic products have been tested by various universities and are proven to be safe for fish, plants, zooplankton, and insects
Monitor Water Quality
The MPC-Buoy provides a complete overview of the water quality by collecting the following parameters every 10 minutes:
• Chlorophyll α (green algae),
• Phycocyanin (blue-green algae),
• pH,
• Turbidity,
• Dissolved Oxygen,
• Temperature.

Predict Algal Blooms
The collected data is delivered in real-time via radio, GPRS, or 3G to a web-based software.
The web-based software gives a real-time insight in the water quality.
Based on our developed algorithm we can modify the ultrasonic program to the specific water conditions and predict an algal bloom a few days ahead.
Control algae
Based on the received information, ultrasonic transmitters are activated and/or optimized.
The ultrasound creates a sound layer in the top layer of the water. The sound layer prevents the algae from rising to the surface to get sunlight, the algae will sink to the bottom of a reservoir and are degraded by the bacteria present.
Why it is important to control algae growth
Algal blooms cause a reduced light penetration, depletion of oxygen, and release of toxins from the algae, which are unfavourable conditions for fish and plants. LG Sonic ultrasonic technology contributes to a healthy ecosystem by controlling the algae growth.

After one year of treatment, the algal levels will reduce even more as the increased clarity of the water will result in plant growth and increased oxygen levels.

Ultrasonic treatment by LG Sonic can reduce algal blooms by 70 – 90% in concentration, compared to no treatment
How ultrasound targets the algae
  1. The ultrasound creates a sound layer in the top layer of the water.
  2. The ultrasound affects the buoyancy of the algae, fixing them in the water column.
  3. Due to a lack of sunlight and nutrients, the algae will die and sink to the bottom of the reservoir.
  4. The algae are degraded by the bacteria present.
MPC-Buoy Features
4 ultrasonic transmitters
  • Treatment range of 500m/1600ft in diameter
  • Integrated Aquawiper™, an automatic cleansing system for the ultrasonic trransmitters
  • Real-time water quality monitoring to adjust the ultrasonic program to the specific water conditions
In-situ water quality sensors
  • Monitors chlorophyll α, phycocyanin, DO, turbidity, temperature pH, and redox
  • Automatic antifouling wiper ensures optimal readings
  • Optional sensors are available according to your needs and preferences
Solar panels as power supply
  • 3x 195 Wp high-quality solar panels that provide power, all year round in any country
  • Switches to energy-saving program during periods of low sun radiation
  • 1x 24 Volt, 40 AMP lithium battery
Anchored floating construction
  • Aluminium powder-coated frame
  • UV and corrosion resistant construction
  • Unsinkable floats
Smart communication system
  • GSM/GPRS Telemetry Quadband (CDMA,Radio, GPS and Iridium Satellite optional)
  • Real-time water quality data with the
  • MPC-View software Integrated alarm functions
Real-time water quality monitoring software
  • The software receives, summarizes, and publishes data into charts, tables, and spreadsheets on your personal webpage
  • Allows users to follow the progress of the algae treatment and the status of the units
  • Based on the data, ecologists, biologists and technicians from LG Sonic modify the ultrasonic program for effective treatment
  • Set alarms for changing water conditions and maintenance activities
"Extensive testing conducted during 2014 showed
that the buoys had a significant impact on the
algae, allowing the plant to reduce chemical
consumption by more than 20 percent, and
reducing the concentration of undesirable taste
and odor causing compounds in the treated water
delivered to customers".
Orren Schneider, Manager Water Technology
"The algae and cyanobacteria control has been an
excellent investment. We achieved by means of an
environmentally friendly technology to improve the
water quality and decrease the treatment costs,
furthermore we have today a monitoring and
control which is more adjusted to the behaviour of
our reservoir".
Santiago Barrera, Professional Business Operations
"We're working closely with the supplier who is able
to fine-tune the sound frequencies to deal with
specific outbreaks of algae. "It's early days and we
haven't hit the peak time for algae but following
the first significant outbreak, we've already seen a
dramatic reduction which is very encouraging".
Tim Latcham, Head of Water Supply
"This is a new and exciting technology that has
the dual advantage of being low capital cost and
being solar powered, giving low operational costs.
The environmentally friendly technology offers
the potential of algae removal using ultrasound,
resulting in an improvement in the water quality".
Martin Bradley, Head of Innovation
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