Industrial sediment cleaners
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Safe and automated solution for effective prevention and removal of dry powder and particulate build-ups and blockages.
Safe and automated non-invasive cleaning
Throughout dry processing, storage, transport, power generation and manufacturing industries, dry materials and particulates within plant, pipework and silos are a major problem. Build-up of material can not only present an explosive hazard but can seriously impact on a system's efficiency, maintenance and running costs. Build-ups and ultimately blockages will seriously reduce flow, cause greater risk of cross-contamination, increase downtime and even shorten a plant's operational life.

Often the only answers are deemed to be intrusive or destructive remedies such as air cannons, soot blowers, external vibrators, hammering or costly, time consuming and dangerous man-entry - which usually requires system degassing and the use of respirators by highly trained support teams. Every one of these techniques can not only result in substantial periods of expensive downtime but can actually damage your plant.

However, there is a better solution ...Primasonics® Acoustic Cleaners offer a highly cost-effective, virtually maintenance free solution to internal system cleaning. Unlike work carried out during shutdowns, Acoustic Cleaners work alongside the normal operation of your plant to deliver a constant programme of cleaning. This can be timed to operate on a regular basis, or to coincide with normal system cycles such as changeouts and shift changes to actually prevent problems before they start costing you serious money.

Operating in the audiosonic or infrasonic ranges, Acoustic Cleaners utilise carefully selected sound frequencies to resonate ash, dust, powder and granules - causing them to debond from the surfaces they have adhered to. What is more, this revolutionary system is highly effective in every situation where dry materials or particulates builds up - even in the largest silos and the most inaccessible corners of your plant.
What are acoustic cleaners?
Used in more than 45 countries around the Globe, Primasonics® Acoustic Cleaning is a well-proven technology which has been perfected by the Company in close co-operation with some of the UK's leading academic establishments.

Powered by compressed air, Acoustic Cleaners create a series of very rapid and powerful sound induced pressure fluctuations which are transmitted into the solid particles of ash, dust, granules or powders. This causes them to resonate and debond from adjoining particles and the surface they are adhering to. Once debonded, the material will fall off due to gravity, or is carried away by the process gas, or air stream.

Also known as 'Sonic Horns', Primasonics® Acoustic Cleaners, comprise a wave generator and a resonance section, or amplifier. This generator creates the base 'sound', which can range from the audible 'audiosonicTM' range through to the lower frequency, inaudible 'infrasonic' range. This 'sound' is then amplified, tuned and directed by a horn-shaped resonance section for maximum effect. In 'audiosonic' systems the sound waves generated are transmitted and amplified by bell sections whose size has been carefully calculated to produce frequencies in a 60Hz to 420Hz range.

Working to ISO 9000 standards, Primasonics® use only the highest quality materials, such as 316 stainless steel and high grade titanium, to create a uniquely effective product that is not only cost-effective, but also highly durable.
Process and installation evaluation
At Primasonics® it is our policy never to recommend Acoustic Cleaning systems unless we believe they will deliver effective results. The efficiency of acoustic cleaning is influenced by many factors such as particle size and moisture content which means that
there are some applications for which the system may be unsuitable.

Using your own data, along with our cutting edge finite element modelling and many years of technical knowledge, we will quickly identify the system, installation options and control regime appropriate to your needs.

Where systems are particularly large, complex or challenging we will be pleased to arrange a site visit by a member of our team or one of our highly experienced international agents. In some circumstances onsite trails demonstrating Primasonics® Acoustic Cleaners' effectiveness can also be arranged.
Acoustic cleaning applications
Primasonics® Acoustic Cleaners have been successfully employed in a diverse range of industries, plant and equipment. Listed here are just some of the multitude of applications for acoustic cleaning.
Individual data-sheets are available detailing its use within specific industries.
  • Silos, Hoppers and storage units for cement powder, gypsum, petrochemicals and a wide range of other dry matter
  • Boilers and Superheaters
  • ID Fans
  • Economisers
  • Air Heaters
  • Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Filters
  • Static and Dynamic Cyclones
  • Wide range of process vessels including Dryers, Coolers and Mixers
  • Reactor vessels
  • Calciners
  • Air Classifiers
  • Plate Coolers
  • Kiln Inlets
  • Milling systems
  • Transport Piping and Ductwork
  • Bulk Dry Delivery Vehicles
  • Maritime dry powder and particle deshipping systems
  • Pneumatic conveyancing systems
  • Ducting
Worldwide installation
The special benefits of acoustic cleaning
Easy operation
Automatic, periodic 'sounding', set to suit your individual plant or process operation. Usually 'sounded' for a few seconds only at periodic intervals.
Better cleaning
Automatic, continuous and totally safe, Audiosonic Cleaners reduce or completely cut out the need for hazardous, laborious and costly manual cleaning regimes.
Maximised efficiency
Repetitive use means fewer, or no unscheduled shut downs are required due to material blockages within your system.
Better energy efficiency
Reducing build-up on all types of heat-exchanger surfaces means that more energy is recycled, saving you money.
Minimised cross-contamination
Audiosonic Cleaning allows silos, mixers, ductwork and other vessels to be emptied completely for the transportation and storage of materials of differing specifications.
Extended plant life
Use of Audiosonics can mean no damage need ever be caused to your plant by aggressive cleaning regimes such as hammering.
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